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Suttons is your online store to buy plants, seeds, bulbs, and products to grow your flowers and plants. It turns out to be essential for your terrace, orchard or garden. We have a wide variety of plants and seeds to choose from in different sizes and colors. Buy all you need. Don’t miss to check out the references, in seeds, tools, fertilizers for the home garden, patio, and rockery. Enjoy our catalog of bulbs. What are the bulbs? Bulbs are a concrete type of plants, whose main characteristic is to live depending on an underground stem, besides having a dry membrane that protects the inner layers. It is also one of the most used species in gardening thanks to its incredible diversity and capacity for survival that ensures its flowering.

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Bulbous plants are perennials, but they usually lose their upper parts when the conditions for their growth are adverse. Its rest period is usually winter and summer, depending on each plant. In the same way, each type blooms at different times of the year, but the vast majority of species do so in spring. Bulbous plants contain moisture and nutrients that they use to survive adverse conditions, such as drought and summer heat. When the conditions are favorable again, a new flowering cycle begins again, thanks to its nutrient reserves. The knowledge about bulbous plants is enormous. Shop the best assortment of bulbs on discount via Suttons voucher code and promo codes offer.


If we look at the tulips we must know that we are talking about a flower with more than four thousand different varieties. Within them, we can differentiate different groups depending on the shape of the petals, their size or height, or their parallels. That is why we can deduce that, and only talking about tulips, options that exist for the cultivation of bulbs when it comes to decorating our garden are almost unlimited. There are also other varieties of bulbous plants and flowers that can also be found in gardening and are less known. Like the imperial crown, whose spikes can exceed the meter high, or the cyclamen and the snow flower, which come to bloom in winter? Enjoy exciting offers on the Suttons seeds voucher code and discount codes.

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