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So what is up this season? What are the must-haves in your wardrobe? Check out the list to shop now at PrettyLittleThing. Choose fitted pants and skirts, avoid flared and wide legs. Avoid shapeless clothes such as straight cuts, always look for the waistline. The cut in A or evaded in blouses, jackets, coats, dresses, and skirts never fails. The ideal jeans are straight pants or medium-sized skinny jeans without many details, but look for the fabric to be intermediate neither too thick nor too thin. Start with accessories. The accessories are your allies because they "clue" and add a point of interest in your look.

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A fashion-tip: wearing a thin belt marking the waist will help stylize your silhouette if your upper body is large enough. You can wear them with dresses, tops, blouses, sweaters, and even jumpsuits. Be inspired by Callie Thorpe. This season, dare with the prints: there is life beyond the stripes! Printed garments do not end with vertical stripes. Mix prints of different size or color: the biggest and lightest, and the small and dark ones, you want to tune. It is true that vertical stripes stylize, but be careful, they must be associated with a good cut. Shop accessories as they add a personal stamp and are responsible for giving more versatility to the clothes. Enjoy savings on the Pretty Little Thing discount code NHS UK Voucher and free delivery offer.

This year, combine dark colors with bright colors, create optical illusions, choose a good pattern, and rejoice in life. Wear pencil skirts, skinny pants, and combine them with long upper garments. Be careful with the sleeves. Do not put the sleeves in the middle of the arm. If you don't want to show arms, you better go from the wrist to the elbow or near the shoulder, but never in the middle of the forearm. If you need to compensate for a bulky chest, bet on wide straps, V-neck and shoulder pads. Do you want more ideas? Shop with the Pretty Little Thing voucher code UK promo and coupon codes.


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