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Grow your bulbous plants today. Do you know how do Bulbous plants grow? Bulbs grow from energy reserve organ called Bulbo. It is the bottom of the bulb from where the roots grow. Cathal or fleshy scales are the main storage organ. The stem, floral bud, and other developing buds give rise to new bulbs. 

The most usual and practical is to distinguish them according to the time in which they should be planted.  Autumn bulbs are planted in October-November and bloom in spring, such as tulip, hyacinth or daffodil. Spring bulbs are planted from March to May and bloom in summers, such as gladioli, dahlia, lily or begonia. Use GearBest Discount Code 

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The colours of the bulbs attract more attention so you can plant them in groups, getting a beautiful landscape on your terrace, garden or any corner where there is no sun. The care of these plants is minimal, after planting them following the specifications indicated in our product sheets or in the same package where the seeds are served. You will only have to water them regularly and wait for the flowering season.

Your terrace or garden will be filled with joy. Plants that have structures are characterized because they usually lose their aerial part during unfavorable times to grow (winter or summer, depending on the species). When the conditions are again favourable for their growth, the reserves support the new cycle for the plant to develop again. Flowering plants are often used as decoration in parks and gardens, as well as for cut flowers.

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