What is a viral video? How to create one for YouTube

What is a viral video? How to create one for YouTube? What can help make a promotional publication more popular? Why don’t you need to buy views on YouTube for your videos to get good feedback?

If 20-30 years ago brands competed to produce catchy commercials that could be shown on TV, today companies dream of creating such catchy content on the world’s most popular video hosting.

Viral videos are the content that consumers share for free with no outside pressure.

Like other types of marketing, videos make users want to share them with friends. Thanks to this distribution, they can make the brand famous, and in a few days millions of people can learn about it. At the same time, without causing such irritation as direct advertising.

The main indicators of the virality of advertising content on the Internet are the number of views, from 200 thousand in the first two days after publication, and reposts, as well as the speed of distribution on social networks and other resources.

Some of them have nothing to do with advertising. But some companies manage to create videos that are distributed on the Internet among users with great speed.

  • Why It’s Better Than Other Ways

As a rule, if we are talking about promotion, the first thing that comes to mind is that you need to pay a lot of money to buy advertising from popular content makers. On the other hand, you can buy YouTube views even if your video is not very interesting to the audience. It’s cheap and you get good feedback for your channel stats.

However, even for such a decision, you need to weigh all the pros and cons and spend part of your budget. Not everyone is ready to go for this, so creating catchy videos is the best method of promotion at the moment.

Why YouTube But Not Other Platforms

YouTube is the world’s leading content hosting platform. Created in 2005 as a site to share information about yourself, the site has grown into a premier video service with 2 billion monthly users since it was bought by Google.

It is not only a popular distribution site, but also a top search engine where people search for any information. In addition, YouTube links posted on this resource always come out first in the search results.

How to Create Viral Content

In order to decide to launch a promotional viral video, you must have the courage. Not all entrepreneurs are ready to associate products with something provocative, entertaining and humorous, preferring something light and frivolous. But without risk and provocation, you will not be able to gather a large audience. Are you ready for such experiments with your brand image?

There are special viral marketing agencies that can develop advertising scripts for you. But even they cannot guarantee you that their products will create a resonance.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, there are no ready-made, universal recipes for creating viral advertising for YouTube, otherwise absolutely all creators would have created it.

To Create a Viral Video You Need:

  • wow effect;
  • humor;
  • shock;
  • provocation;
  • outrageous;
  • original plot with an unexpected ending like a joke;
  • demonstration of events;
  • and something that will cause controversy and discussion.


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