Through the maze of online dating

Everyone is into online dating these days, or so it certainly seems. Characters in Netflix romcoms often meet via dating apps. Websites are advertised on TV. Even movie stars admit to relying on digital matchmaking platforms as a super-convenient way to avoid paparazzi. How about you? If you’re single, have you been tempted to upload your profile and start flirting via your laptop or smart device? Perhaps you’ve given it some consideration, but think the virtual dating environment looks a bit of a maze. Step back. Take a chill pill. Online dating isn’t a maze at all. (If it is, you can easily peer over the top of the hedges!) Here are all the pointers you need for successful online dating.

Changing landscape of the dating universe

Once upon a time, when someone was interested in getting acquainted with potential partners, they’d instinctively make a beeline for social gathering places. Trendy bars. Social clubs. Nightclubs. But these days, people are looking for something more substantial. One major issue with hanging around in any of those aforementioned outlets is that singles have no way of knowing much about the personalities or motivations of the singletons they might end up chatting to. How do they know how compatible someone would be just because they happen to look attractive? This is where modern dating platforms are moving the goalposts. One can have a look at nu-date. Why would a single decide to sign up for a dating resource such as this? The answer is that nu date would be such a convenient place to reach out to kindred spirits. All the other site users who have gone through the trouble of uploading their contact details have done so because they are eager to commit to a relationship. They know they can tap into algorithms that will point them towards the most compatible individuals. And there will be discreet communication channels where they can exchange DMs as they gain the confidence to flirt with charming people.

Authentic connections in a digital world

For many, dating doesn’t necessarily have to be a binary choice between offline or online connections. Singles often like to balance their socializing, using the best of both worlds. They might spend some time checking on any messages in their inbox or interacting with new members. In between, they’ll still find time to engage in public settings. A classic example would be someone sitting in a coffee shop, browsing through profiles on their nu date, while making eyes at the gorgeous new barista who’s just served their latte! A good tip is to make sure you always look good, regardless of whether you’re going to be flirting in person, or via your smartphone. So, pay attention to the way you sit and conduct yourself. Take regular exercise. Even when video-chatting with another site user, you don’t want to slouch. This will only give the impression you’re not all that interested. Look alert, wear smart clothes, and ensure your hair looks brushed and well-styled. Look upon dating as a 24/7 activity you need to always be prepared for. Whether you’re chatting to someone via your web browser or in a bar, first impressions are all important.

Behind the human side of online dating

Dating websites and apps come with a secret weapon. Inbuilt computer software, or algorithms, whose job it is to ensure you get the best possible matches. These programs will examine your dating profile in terms of your characteristics and interests, and then compare these with other members. In a fraction of a second, your details can be matched with the most compatible individuals. This will save so much unnecessary time-wasting, pointing you towards a shortlist of ideal candidates for the next nu date.

Horizon of upcoming innovations

The most exciting aspect of Internet dating is future technology. So many wonderful innovations are already being rolled out extensively. You will probably have heard of virtual reality (VR), especially if you’ve seen the blockbusting sci-fi thriller Avatar. This isn’t just the stuff of wild movie plots. More and more dating sites are tapping into this form of interaction. Once the correct software is installed, users can put on a VR headset which will transport them into an ultra-realistic virtual dimension. Here, they can arrange to meet an avatar version of whichever one of the other singles has caught their eye. Both parties could agree to an exciting backdrop for this rendezvous, choosing from, say, a tropical island paradise, or a futuristic cityscape. Then they could meet up and chat, flirting as they would in the real world. With the advent of sensory software that can be stimulated remotely, the possibilities for intimate encounters become even more mind-boggling!! If tomorrow’s dating is a maze, it’s going to be a maze, you’re going to have so much fun navigating it!

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