Straw Hats for Ultimate Fashion & Comfort: When to Wear & How to Wear

Straw hats are comfortable, fashionable, and extra-protective against the harmful UV rays of the sun. It’s therefore, a triple win to wear a straw hat. No other accessory can be better than a straw hat in summer season. The right woven straw topper never seems to be out of style and goes seamlessly with all your summer outfits. According to Vogue, the best ever straw cowboy hats for the trendy and fashionable people are now available in the stores. No other accessory is as chic and stylish as a classy straw hat.

Straw hats are your best option for maximum sun coverage while relaxing at the beach or enjoying a tropical vacation. Irrespective of your personal style or aesthetic, straw bucket hats, boaters, and wide-brimmed stunners can help elevate any ensemble, making you feel relaxed and super confident.

A straw hat can add a new dimension to your overall looks. You may be in your backyard and enjoying yourself by your inflatable pool, but when you are wearing a straw hat, it will make you feel like enjoying a vacation at a luxury Bahamas resort. It sums up the power of gorgeous straw hats. Straw hats are best for extra sun protection- a fabulous win for your skin and eyes. Some straw hats provide additional protection, as in UPF, for you to feel more secure wearing them. Whether you love the classic floppy or the trendier cowboy straw hat, you should certainly add a hat to complete your summer ensemble and overall look.

When to Wear Your Straw Hat

At the Sea Beach 

One of the best occasions to wear a chic straw hat is while sunbathing and relaxing by the sea. It is best for providing adequate sun protection. It helps safeguard your eyes and skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Moreover, wearing a wide-brimmed straw cowboy hat is a stylish solution for avoiding sunburn. You can elevate your style quotient by wearing a chic straw hat with a linen suit while attending a beach wedding. Nothing looks better than a bikini with a straw hat. You are sure to have enough gorgeous posts for your Instagram.

At the Campground

It is a good idea to look uber cool in a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a stunning straw hat camping on your vacation. Whenever you are in an adventurous mood, take along your straw hat. While hiking or relaxing amidst the serenity and beauty of nature, you can wear a straw hat for ultimate style and comfort. It is an unbeatable experience to listen to the birds chirping amidst the solitude of the forest. Bird-watching or reading a good book in the lap of nature becomes doubly enjoyable if you get the extra protection of a straw hat.

On A Road Trip

Traveling with a straw hat could be a great joy, particularly on hot summer days. Straw hats are lightweight, and look classy yet casual, perfect for a road trip. Be sure to steal the show wherever you go.

Cruise Vacation

You can forget all your worries, and your problems will take a backseat when you are on a cruise enjoying the sun but avoiding sunburn thanks to your straw hat. You can enjoy listening to the roaring waves with the never-ending vista of serenity and water.

How to Wear a Straw Hat

Straw hats have become a staple for hot summer days since they are lightweight, comfortable, and provide maximum sun protection. Moreover, you can enjoy the cool breeze, thanks to the ventilated design and strategic weave that allows breathability.

Classic Straw Cowboy Hat All the Way

Straw cowboy hats look best when paired with classic blue jeans. Cowboy hats have got into the mainstream of late. The love for the straw cowboy hats has been gaining momentum during the last few seasons because of the sartorial resurgence. As per the Y2K fashion and style, cowboy hats look amazing when paired with low-slung denim and micro-miniskirts. According to the runways, you may flaunt cowboy hats with sleek dresses, low-cut pants, and slinky crop tops for a contemporary take on Y2K fashion. If you are going for a beach vacation, take along a straw cowboy hat and wear it with a bikini and a chunky necklace for the ultimate show-stopper look! You can always create the hot 19th-century timeless look by sporting a straw cowboy hat with a pair of dark, slim-fit jeans. You can wear high heels to take your style to the next level.

Striped Straw Floppy Hat to Steal the Show

Wear a gorgeous striped straw floppy hat with a broader brim for added sun protection. You may team your floppy hat with trendy stripes thoughtfully with an eye-catching floral dress. Wear a summery dress with beautiful flowers for creating a cool, feminine look perfect for the weekends.

Tightly-Woven Straw Fedora to Make a Style Statement

A classy tightly-woven straw fedora looks amazing with every outfit from a maxi dress to jeans. You may add a sky blue or turquoise ribbon to add a fun element to your outfit. Wear a straw fedora with a silk or chiffon flirty dress. Opt for prints with a girly or feminine vibe and a hot look.


Wearing a straw hat is the best way of enjoying your vacation and beating the scorching heat while seamlessly adding a stylish touch to your attire. The ideas discussed above will certainly make you feel good and look your best!


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