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Whether it’s high-end gear, or budget-friendly finds, explore our exclusive array of discounts for athletes and sports players of any level.

Did you know, around 93% of shoppers will use a coupon or discount code throughout the space of just one year? That means a vast number of shoppers are seeking a deal, or at the very least – looking to gain something. Luckily, we’re here to help you shop smart, buy more and spend less. 

It’s your brother’s birthday who’s in a real ‘football-frenzy’, or you’ve been searching high and low for the best NFL gift ideas for your best friend – don’t worry, we’ve been there. Finding a present in the first place can be hard, but finding a perfect match that’s been discounted? Now that’s a deal! We’ve scoured the market high and low, to give you the best options for every kind of sports fan.

Before we get into the juicy (discounted) details, let’s dive into some sporting backstory – because if you’re buying the gift, you may as well know what it’s for. First is the wild world of football. The British kind, of course. We don’t mean the football transfer dramas of whether Mbappé is moving to Liverpool or Manchester United, we mean the simple fact of – what is Football?

Football Fan Discounts

We know you’re here for the discounts and some inspiration, but where’s the harm in a little learning as well. Football, often referred to as soccer (in America) is a game that consists of two teams of 11 players, and one ball – the football. Each team then chases the ball and uses their foot to kick it in to the other team’s goal. Easy! But let’s not start on the off-side rule or even penalties, we’ll just leave that for the pros.

So, what to buy a football fan? We’d certainly go for something from 3Retro, as just as our link suggests, all orders will take 10% off. Opt for an England 1966 World Cup Final Retro Shirt, and you’ll have a happy football fan, and a happy wallet. One gift for £30-ish? Sign us up.

Rugby Lovers Discounts

If you’ve heard the person that you’re gifting mention the word scrum, then you’re in the right place. World Rugby defines a scrum as “a means of restarting play after a stoppage which has been caused by a minor infringement of the Laws or the ball becoming unplayable in a ruck or maul”. Which in reality – sounds dangerous. But what is the difference between rugby and American football?

From an outsider, they’re basically the same, but it’s all down to the size of the pitch, the ball dimensions, and protection gear. NFL players (American Football) need protection for every playing position, while rugby does not. That, besides rules, tackles and players is pretty much it. So, let’s find out how we can treat either of our NFL or Rugby loving fan, without even needing to learn the difference!

There are only so many jerseys one can buy, and an experience is so much better. Use our discount to get you 15% off your orders at Live Rugby Tickets and watch this sports fan buzz with joy. France v New Zealand? Or Ireland v Scotland? The choice is yours, and with a discount, who says you can’t see them all!

Tennis Fanatic Discounts

You don’t have to be a fan to love tennis, especially with Wimbledon’s summer event in full swing, so this one is for the whole family. Tennis is extremely easy, all you need is a court, a tennis racket, a partner and you’re good to go. Try and keep in the lines and hit the tennis ball too and from one another. One thing we’ve missed. Tennis balls! Everyone forgets those, so they’re the perfect choice as your next tennis gift.

Get 15% off the US open 4 Ball tube from Tennis Point, and they’ll be way under £5. So cheap, it’s hard to say no.

Cricket Obsessed Discounts

Though not everyone is a cricket fan, it’s still number 2 in the UK’s list of top sports. Slightly beaten by the nation’s treasure, football, cricket is one for a more civilised affair. Along with being the national sport of the UK, your cricket obsessed recipient will know all the rules of the game. For a national sport, it deserves a high-end surprise.

The Gunn and Moore Diamond DXM Original Cricket Bat 2023 may be almost £400.00, but with our exclusive NHS discount, you can get this prized gift for £320. That’s a huge 20% saving, and a huge smile on the cricket fans face. Perhaps they’d been saving for their very own bat, well you’ve got it covered. Working on a budget? Grab our discounts and opt for some cricket accessories, it’s not always about splurging.

With our sitewide discounts, you can get the special athlete in your life a present that you would have never thought of, all whilst making a saving. Whether it’s a £20 item, or a £400 item, it’s always the thought that counts, and making memories to last a lifetime. Remember to always stay up to date with constant discounts being posted online and read the terms and conditions before adding to basket. We don’t want any sneaky surprises at checkout!


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