Review of the Best Gadgets Needed for Education

Recent changes and developments in political, health, and technology fields prompted unprecedented changes to the field of education as well. Far from a barely-lit room with a blackboard and chalk in it, the classrooms of today are modern, bright, and facilitate learning. This does not mean that the changes have stopped – quite on the contrary, as technology enters the field of education, tradition flees, making more room for technology-assisted learning. 

Education: How does it Change? 

The events of 2020 and 2021 ushered in a new era in the field of education. Remote learning, ZOOM classrooms, and distance learning have all become an indispensable part of today’s education. Continuing and permanent education, concepts non-existent just 30 years ago, are in place and shape the educational profile of the current and future workforce. Besides this, technology facilitates learning in actual classrooms, offering students an unparalleled approach to hands-on, immersive learning. 

Why Use Technology in a Classroom? 

Technology facilitates learning by enabling students to interact with the learning content and make their own research and assumptions, and decide on their approach to the topic that is being covered. Some of the essential gadgets for students include devices that can connect to the Internet and enable students to access a variety of learning materials. Needless to say, this kind of approach can satisfy different kinds of intelligence that we commonly see among students. 

How to Use Technology in a Classroom? 

If you are a college or University student, you may have noticed that high-tech gadgets usually have the opposite effect of the desired one. Laptops are great for learning and typing out your papers, but it is mostly games that they run. Sure, gaming is an anti-stress necessity, but doing it too much can be distracting you from schoolwork. 

With this in mind, it is best to dedicate time slots to everything there is to be done in a day – including gaming. Find some essays writing services and let them prepare study notes for your upcoming exams. At the same time, you can relax and play a few hours of your favorite game. With this in mind, let’s go and see what other gadgets you can find useful and time-saving during your studies. 

Best Gadgets for Education 

There is a ton of different devices out there. The market has its own ability to filter out those that do not contribute as much to the needs of its users. Phablets, for example, an absolute must-have in the 2010s, are nowhere to be seen today, as they simply proved to be impractical. When compiling this list, we tried to keep it as essential as possible, as having too many devices around creates clutter and distraction. 


The first on our list of essential gadgets every student should have are laptops. Large and robust, they are often replaced by tablets and phones. However, the sheer versatility of tasks that a laptop can handle places it as nr. one on our list. In fact, laptops even outdo tablets in the speed of typing, as well as the ease of use. A single laptop backpack or bag is enough to make them almost as mobile as any other device you may have. 


On the other hand, tablets beat laptops by their mobility and battery life. Most tablets out there will easily last you for days at a time, even with heavy use. To ensure you get the best for your money, avoid pricey brand names, and look for tablets with: 


  • Long battery life – a minimum of 5-6,000 mAh, 
  • HQ screen – to protect your eyes, 
  • With Bluetooth capabilities – so that you can use peripheral keyboards if the need be to type larger chunks of text, and 
  • A large display – generally, anything under 10 inches is just not big enough for the workload a student faces on a daily basis. 


Smartphones are the next on the list. Although not as useful as tablets, smartphones are a great way to quickly check on facts and even record lectures by your teachers. Make sure to always check with your teacher if a recording is allowed and ensure that your recording does not disturb anyone else or infringe on their privacy. 


Although not gadgets per se, all your gadgets run apps that you actually do use. As there are tens of thousands of apps out there, it is necessary to pay attention to your needs and to ensure that you can find them for free – although most apps are not expensive, these costs quickly add up and eat away at your budget. 

Here are some of the best apps free apps for students out there: 

  • Google Drive – for all your document-producing, text processing, and creating Excel spreadsheets, 
  • Google Calendar – for keeping all your college, social and personal responsibilities, events, and tasks in a single place, 
  • WolframAlpha – for finding all those hard-to-find pieces of information and pulling data from multiple sources at once. 


Besides apps, there are also platforms that can make your life as a student much easier. One of the best apps we have stumbled upon recently is This platform allows you to create engaging quizzes and share them via a simple QR code or even a link. This way, multiple people can partake in your quizzes at the same time, and your study group can actually have some time. 

Despite all the apps and gadgets you may use on a daily basis, you may still lack time and energy to finish some of your schoolwork. If you need extra time or simply time to relax, you can buy dissertations online and save yourself several weeks worth of work. In fact, this is one of the best ways to destress and still get the work done.

Final Considerations 

Technology has come into the classrooms uninvited but is here to stay. Making everyday life much easier and shortening the time needed to find the sources you need, master study material, and granting better grades for all has definitely made a profound change in our lives. Technology did not only change the face of education, but it will keep changing it in the years to come. 

Diane Sherron

Diane Sherron loves reading books on psychology and sociology. She believes that lifelong education is the key to a better society and to staying on top of your competition. Calm and nice, she loves reading, jogging, and going out with her friends. 

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