6 Ways to Keep Your Car Smelling Clean


Your car is arguably one of your most important possessions. You’re going to want to keep it clean to help preserve your investment but also to make it more comfortable. Nobody likes driving around in a smelly car as it’s off putting for the driver and passengers alike. If you’re looking for ways to keep your car clean, look no further! 

1. Regularly Clean 

This should be a given, but yet, it is still not something done by everyone hoping to keep their car smelling clean. Actually, clean your car! No, you don’t need to spend all day every day deep-cleaning after a day of driving, but you should regularly clean your car. 

Just like your home, if you don’t do the upkeep necessary to keep your car sparkling, debris and smells will continue to layer until you can’t stand it. Rather than having to spend a fortune on a detail every month, simply aim to upkeep the space. Wipe down, shake out, and empty every so often to keep your car shiny and smelling its best.  

2. Put a Scent Freshener

Though second on the list, a scent freshener should not be your default for addressing your car’s odor. In fact, it can be pretty nauseating if you use your scent freshener to only mask the real problem. 

Once your car is clean, find the perfect option to keep your car cozy and fragrant. There are many options out there, from rearview mirror hangers to vent clips. Decide which is right for you and enjoy the benefits for weeks to months at a time. It doesn’t get much better than that! 

3. Baking Soda or Coffee Beans

Still struggling to make your car’s overall smell more neutral? It may be time to implement one of your home care options into your car. Consider bringing a box of baking soda or some coffee beans to help soak up any bad, lingering odors you can’t quite scrub away. 

It’s best to allow the box to sit in there over time, even permanently if you don’t mind (just stick it somewhere in the back), and enjoy the subtle benefits. You may have heard of this method for your kitchen and fridge, but good news: the cost-effective solution is perfect for your car too! 

4. Removable Seat Covers and Mats

If you’re prone to getting dirty, especially with little ones or four-legged friends, it may be time to invest in removable covers, mats, and other protection for your car. 

When you invest in removable coverings, you’re more easily able to clean them and keep an excessive amount of grime and smells to build up and make your car unpleasurable. The exact needs for your car will depend on how you’re commonly using it. 

Does it make sense to invest in a backseat cover when no one sits back there? Probably not. However, it probably makes sense to add a cover to your trunk for muddy boots if you’re working outdoors and a dash or steering wheel cover in the same sense. 

5. Let It Air Out Now and Again

Leaving your car open to welcome a clearing breeze comes with a few caveats. The first is that you’re in a safe, secure location in which your windows being down or doors being open won’t result in a stolen car. Secondly, you’re going to want to wait for a day that is ideal. 

That means avoiding rainy days or even slightly humid days as excessive moisture can cause problems like mildew or mold. Similarly, be sure that in your day-to-day habits, you’re not leaving open your car on those types of days either. If you do, that may be what is contributing to your car’s smell. 

6. Avoid Stinking It Up

The last tip is to avoid doing anything particularly odor-inducing in your car. That means not smoking in your car, not eating smelling foods in your car, not letting garbage linger and rot, and so on. 

The thing to especially note is smoking. Smoking is notorious for attaching itself to your car’s soft surfaces, making the smell nearly impossible to rid of over time. To be safe – avoid smoking of any kind in your vehicle. For more tips on getting rid of that smell, especially for cannabis, check out Veriheal


Keeping your car clean doesn’t need to be a headache! It can be as simple as repeated, small changes and habits that add up to a great-smelling car in the end. Remember to always address the root problem rather than masking it with a fragrance. 


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